Saturday, 29 June 2013

Demographic characteristics, acute findings and how they relate to long term neck disability.

helenDoctor Helen Ackland and colleagues from DEPM have investigated the links between acute findings of acute findings of neck injury and demographic characteristics, and any correlation with return to work time. Originally hypothesizing that return to work time would correlate with the nature of the injury, symptoms, clinical signs and MRI findings.

However the researchers were surprised to discover that these factors were not associated with long-term patient outcomes.

Neck disability was present in 43% of patients and was associated with depressive symptoms, workers' compensation, and low annual income. Delays in returning to work was associated with the presence of minor limb/other fractures and depressive symptoms, whereas patients on high annual incomes were found to return to work more quickly.

These findings could be of great significance in designing new guidelines for the management of these injuries and return to work policies.

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