Monday, 19 August 2013

World First Study of Renal Denervation in Systolic Heart Failure

henrykrum125Professor Henry Krum of the Alfred Hospital/Monash University (CCRE Therapeutics), is leading a world first study of renal denervation in systolic heart failure. Renal denervation is a simple 40 minute procedure involving application of energy targeting harmful nerves that run near the main kidney arteries. In addition to the Alfred, the study is also being performed in Sweden, Austria, Italy and the Middle East as well as 3 other sites in Australia. The focus of the study is on assessing procedure safety as well as improving heart and kidney function additional to standard treatments for the condition. Furthermore, patients can also opt to undergo further testing coordinated by the Baker Institute.  

Six heart failure patients have already undergone this procedure at the Alfred with further patients planned. The study aims to assess a total of 40 heart failure patients worldwide. 

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