Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Star Student: Daniel Epstein

Daniel Epstein 125x125Bachelor of Medical Science Honours student Daniel Epstein has had a big year.

After twelve months of getting valuable hands on experience in the emergency and trauma department of the Alfred hospital, he’s barely weeks away from handing in his final thesis.

“I can tell you the full name of it,” he offers with a wry smile. “Acute traumatic coagulopathy of isolated traumatic brain injury.”  It’s a bit of a mouthful, but basically Daniel is looking at the way blood clotting works in the brain after an injury.

 “It’s been a magnificent opportunity,” he says. “I’ve learned a lot about how to conduct good research. It’s been a very worthwhile year for me.”

A particular highlight for Daniel was being able to work with the kind of world class professionals who are employed by the Alfred Hospital. He’s clearly grateful for being able to watch and participate in responding to major trauma cases.

“It’s really increased my knowledge,” he says. “It’s provided me with opportunities that go beyond the scope of research.”

The next, and final, year of his degree will take him in another direction again. Daniel is off to the highly regarded Charite working hospital in Berlin to study anaesthetics, before he returns to his chosen field of trauma in Sri Lanka.

“I have quite a large interest in global health,” he explains. “I’d like to work in medicine in developing countries.”

As to why he is so drawn to working in emergency and trauma, Daniel can’t quite explain it.

“I just get interested when people start talking about emergency medicine!” he laughs.

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