Friday, 25 October 2013

Engaging in contract research: a guide for researchers and administrators

Heather St John 125Dr Heather St John, Director of Industry Engagement, Industry Engagement and Commercialisation visited the SPHPM on Thursday 24th October to present an information session for researchers and administrators on how best to engage in Contract research.

Dr St John offered helpful advice on managing the challenges and potential pitfalls of negotiating commercial agreements, and provided details and links to key personnel within the faculty who are available to assist with all stages of contract negotiation, from initial consultations with the contracting party, right through to final contract signing.  Areas where assistance is available include:

* Industry Commercialisation Team (IE&C)

* Business Development Managers (BDMs)

* Monash Consulting Services

* R & R Hubs (Project Costing Model)

* Monash Research Office (MRO)

* University Solicitors' Office (USO)

Dr St John stressed the importance of getting the right advice throughout the whole process, and recommended using every assistance offered by the University to enhance the prospect of a successful contract negotiation.

The powerpoint presentation and the recording of this presentation will be available shortly.

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