Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Petroleum workers are proactive with their healthcare

Oil Rig 125The Health Watch page is regularly viewed by visitors to the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) website, new figures show.

Health Watch is a program funded by the AIP but performed independently by the Monash Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health. It has studied people working with petroleum since 1980, looking for high cancer rates, and other possible industry-related causes of death.

Over 600 people on average visit the site per month, showing that workers in this industry are proactive in terms of personal healthcare. This is reflected in the study itself, as 95% of people approached to participate said yes.

So far what Health Watch has found has been mostly positive. Workers in the petroleum industry generally have better health in general than the rest of the population, and are less likely to die of common causes such as cancer, heart, and respiratory conditions, according to AIP website.

Facts about the program, as well as its latest reports and findings, can be found on the Health Watch webpage.

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