Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sports betting companies are targeting young men

gambling 125Gambling companies are targeting young people, according to a recent report on Today Tonight.

Dr. Charles Livingstone, (DEPM's Global Health & Society Unit), said that sports betting companies frequently aim their advertising efforts at young men.

“The gamblification of sport has unknown consequences, but we suspect there will be a new generation of problem gamblers coming from this," he said.

Last year there were reportedly 20,000 sports betting ads on free-to-air TV.

However, Dr. Livingstone also reiterated that poker machines are still the biggest source of problem gambling in Australia – generating 10 billion a year, out of the total 20 billion dollar gambling industry.

According to the report, online games can play a role in normalising gambling for young people, before they can legally participate.

“Research shows the biggest risk factor for gambling is exposure to it. Figures show that on average there's one teenager with a gambling problem in every classroom,” the report said.

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