Friday, 8 November 2013

New blood pressure lowering procedure

The final 3 year data from the landmark Symplicity HTN-1 study was published in the Lancet on the 7th of November, authored by the head of  CCRETherapeutics, Prof Henry Krum.
Symplicity HTN-1 was the first proof of principle demonstration of the beneficial blood pressure-lowering effect of a new technique called percutaneous renal sympathetic denervation. Prof Krum is Principal Investigator of that global study effort. This is a minimally invasive approach to damage the nerves that surround the main artery to the kidneys which provide signals to the kidneys (and brain) to drive blood pressure up.

The 3 year data shows that reductions in 30 mmHg of systolic blood pressure (the "top reading") were sustained out to this time utilising this procedure. There were minimal major short- or long-term safety issues with the procedure. These initial data together with subsequent research has established renal denervation as a viable option in the treatment of patients whose blood pressure remains "resistant" to drug and other standard treatments.

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