Wednesday, 3 July 2013

ARC Linkage Grants: Dr Charles Livingstone

charleslivingstoneDr Charles Livingstone of the DEPM has received funding from the ARC for his work on the project titled Corporate political activity of tobacco, alcohol and gambling companies in Australia. The project seeks to investigate how tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries influence the policy process, by stalling or defeating the implementation of effective public health policies in favour of ones which do not affect their profits. The study will develop guidelines for industry-government interaction to ensure maximum public benefit.

The ARC has awarded the study the following funds

2013: $25,000

2014: $50,000

2015: $50,000

2016: $25,000

Total funding for the project is $150,000

The study will be run under the auspices of Deakin University and in conjunction with the Cancer Council of Victoria, Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education and The University of Auckland.

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