Monday, 22 July 2013

Falls and Bone Health team host Hospital Falls Prevention Seminars in June

Falls Prevention Seminar 1

The Falls and Bone Health team successfully hosted two seminars in June, bringing together international guest speakers from the UK and national clinicians and researchers, and over 200 participants to explore the issues surrounding falls prevention. These seminars were of special significance because of the information and knowledge amassed from the world’s largest hospital falls prevention project - the 6-PACK Trial.

Key topics covered over the two days included –

  • up-to date information on best practice for minimising falls and related harm in hospitals

  • Patient education, participation and engagement in falls prevention activities

  • Skills and tools required to effectively identify people at risk of falls

  • How to prescribe targeted and effective exercise to positively impact bone mineral density

The Falls and Bone Health team are excited to be hosting another three workshops and seminars in November:

  1. Implementing Falls Prevention Programs in the Acute Hospital Setting: making practice change happen.

  2. Behaviour Change in Falls Prevention: how do we better market our falls prevention messages to improve uptake and participation?

  3. Is Pilates a Fitness Fad or the Next Frontier in Falls Prevention Exercise?

Falls Prevention Seminar 2
Falls Prevention Seminar 3

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