Thursday, 4 July 2013

Health Insurance and Healthcare Utilisation in Kerala, India

brian-oldenburgIn an attempt to analyse the effect of the Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance Scheme (CHIS) on healthcare utilisation in Kerala, Professor Brian Oldenberg of the DEPM has conducted a case study of insured households in Kerala.

The CHIS is designed to reduce the out of pocket expenditure on healthcare among low and middle income earners.

They discovered that the majority of respondents to the study were below the poverty line, and signed on to the scheme as they had no other form of health insurance (91.3%). Whilst they discovered the scheme was well utilised, the main concern from respondents was a lack of cover for outpatient services, meaning that the common chronic conditions in Kerala such as heart disease and diabetes were not covered by the scheme.

‘Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme and Health Care Utilization: a Case Study among Insured Households in Kerala’: Nair, D., Oldenburg, B., Yasin., Social Science Research Network;

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